Blogging – is it working for me

Now with the beginning of week 10 there is time for a short review on how blogging worked for me.

I’m still finding it difficult to reflect deeply on what I have learned in the past weeks. When writing a blog, I normally recap what we have done in the tutorials and write a bit about what I have learned.  The problem with blogging and me is that I do not like writing and publishing things on the internet. Writing an essay and handing it in is one thing. You write something and you are going to get graded for it, so you put work in it, but knowing that maybe one or two people will read it. When writing a blog you have to sit down every week, think of something you could write about, publish it and let it be read by not only one or two people but by potentially thousands of people. Even though I am anonymous when writing and publishing I still do not like it.

If I had not to do it, I would not write a blog, because I am still seeing it as a kind of diary you share with the world and I like my privacy. I do not want to share everything with everyone

Writing down what you have learned is a good idea. It helps you learn better, but you can as well do it for yourself instead of sharing it with the world.


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