LI4113 Blog No.6 Corpora and concordancing (again)

Blog 6

In this week’s tutorial we concentrated again on the concordancer AntConc. We learned about a few new functions, e.g the wildcard function which enables you to find not only a certain verb, but all forms of this verb. You just have to add a * at the end of the word you are searching.

We were also given information about our corpora and concordancing essay in which we are supposed to write about a certain problem while learning our target language and how corpora and concordancer could help with that. I’m thinking about writing about a problem I have when learning/writing Dutch, i.e. the definite articles, but the problem with that is, that I have to find a Dutch corpus and my search was until no without success. If I do not find any Dutch corpus I’ll have to think of a problem while learning/speaking/writing English. I know I have problems with vocabulary and preposition. I have to see to what degree corpora and concordancers could help me with that.


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