LI4113 – Corpora and Concordancing

In this weeks tutorial we dealt with a new topic: Corpora and Concordancing.

What is that?

Corpora is the plural of Corpus which is the Latin word for body. A corpus is a body of texts in machine readable form.

With a concordancer you can find out how often a certain word was used in a corpus. This you can use to determine which word is the right one in this particular context. This would be helpful not only for writing academic or journalistic essays, but also for translators.

In order to get to know corpora and concordancers we were given a CD-Rom with a corpora in different languages and in different topics. We used our target languages to find out more about certain words in the concordancer. As a concordancer we used AntConc. AntConc can produce a frequency list for you and you can examine words you are interested in. You can also look for certain words in the whole corpus.

I think this is a very handy software and very useful for me as a translator. As a language learner I still have to find out how useful it can be.



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