PLEs Personal learning environment and games for the purpose of language learning

In this weeks tutorial we dealt with PLEs.

For that we had to choose one from a list. I decided to explore iGoogle, which I really liked. On the iGoogle page you can add a lot of widgets, which can help you with language learning. I decided on taking news widgets in my languages German, English and Dutch, in order to learn new vocabulary when reading texts on the same topic in different languages. Also I added a widget, for looking up vocabulary. And just for a bit of fun, and actually also for vocabulary purposes I added the widget “Dutch word of the day”, where you get the Dutch word and the English translation of it and also the word in context and also translated into English. I found this quite interesting, because English and Dutch are both foreign languages for me and sometimes I could not find the German pendant in my head, even though I knew what it meant.


Another topic of this weeks tutorial were games for the purpose of language learning.

I chose this website:

There were simple, but nice games, which mainly focused on matching and vocabulary, but there were also some on spelling and articles. These are the things I still have to practise in Dutch, so the website was quite useful for me.


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